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About Zenit


Zenit is a full-service provider and game changer in digitization. We combine smart process design with out-of-the box automation.

As IT-savvy business architects, we look at the bigger picture. We want to understand your business and help you break paradigms to achieve breakthrough results.

With our agile approach we can make things happen. In small iterative steps of added value, we help you realize a roadmap to success.

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The ‘zenith’ is the point on the celestial sphere directly above the observer, popularly known as the highest point of the sun.

This point represents the holistic view
(business vs. IT & strategy vs. execution)
in which organizations are fully in the light.

Zenit is also a combination of ‘Zen‘ and ‘IT’,
which stands for tranquility and balance through clever IT solutions for the Business.

Smarter Routes

Highly effective route optimization to reduce food miles (logistics) and increase productivity of ambulatory careworkers (healthcare)

Smooth Data Migrations

Automated solutions to ensure your data migration is a walk in the park and results in high quality data in the target system

Process Architecture

Using professional modelling techniques to find out how three organizations can work as one