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Acquisition strategy: Continuous Adoption

Zenit helps organizations migrating data with its fully Automated Data Cleansing/Data Migration proposition. By this proposition, Zenit maps the data model of the source system(s) with its Zenit Common Data Model AND the data of the target system(s) with the same Zenit model. This way, objects are recognized through the Zenit interface, and data can flow through the different cleansing, enriching, matching, conversion, and deduplication components from source to target.

Continuous Adoption

This becomes especially interesting for organizations with an appetite to grow through mergers and acquisitions. This usually will mean a never-ending system/data migration effort for the team. In this situation, the Zenit Data Migration proposition is mapped to the target system first: the key systems of the acquiring organization. After a first successful data migration, migrating/integrating new acquisitions become cooky-cutter work with little effort. The connection between the Zenit systems and that of the acquirer remains, and every time a new acquisition needs to be integrated, this goes in a matter of weeks with low effort.

Plus… often there is a handover of a lot of unstructured data in that process, lots of documents in Word or PDF. In a recent case, more than thirty thousand documents in one go. Here is Zenit’s AI solution for searching and categorizing documents with unstructured data in a matter of days instead of months of manual labor.

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