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Find a needle in a haystack

You purchase a company and as part of the integration, all shared files, folders, and (digital) archives are transferred as part of the deal. Depending on your business, function, and industry, (i.e. Pharmaceutical, Research & Development, etc.) some of this information may be important for regulatory, compliance, or legal reasons.  The same applies to individual team/department folders and archives. When people leave or move on to new roles, the archive information stored becomes more difficult to find.  

Depending on the size and maturity of your company, if you’re lucky this data is structured in logical folders with logical file names and descriptive meta-data to know what information is contained in the file/document.  

Reality though, is often very different. Folder structures can vary between departments and users, file names do not have any logic to make it easy to anticipate what information they contain, there is inconsistency in how files are stored and there is no meta-data description at all.    

The effort to search and find information in an archive depends heavily on the original employees who stored/worked with the documents and often, they themselves have difficulty finding the relevant information when needed.   

Find a needle in a haystack

It is like finding a needle in a haystack, where employees often spend a lot of time searching for that one document, contract, or email trying to search using keywords or dates. The number of documents returned in a search depends on the chance that the right term is used.  

Zenit, using artificial intelligence can structure and group unorganized archives to simplify and categorize what information is contained in the archives. Searchability of the archive is improved with Intelligent Semantic Search capabilities where the algorithm searches through archives looking not only at text strings but they are smart enough to search for synonyms and word combinations to have a more accurate result.  

The benefits are faster and easier archive categorization, more efficient, faster, and more accurate search results, meaning that employees spend less time searching and more time working by finding the correct relevant information quicker.  

This helps reduce time and effort spent working with archives and helps reduce claims and risks due to not being able to find the correct piece of information.  


Interested to know more, please contact Zenit to explore the possibilities of how we can help you get more value out of your (digital archives).


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